Glow Sign Board

Glow Sign Boards in Coimbatore

Glow Sign Boards in Coimbatore

Conveying the messages through boards is an easy way but creating according to the needs is a difficult task we are providing the boards based on the urge of the customers and the clients. We help the customers to understand the different models and which model supports them for their advertisement to convey the messages to reach people.


We serve materials like acrylic, PVC flex, polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride, aluminum. Where LED boards don’t contain any gases hence it is eco-friendly to the environment. The cost of the LED is low when compared to the other materials.


Already a part of displaying road and traffic signals. Advertisement boards for well-furnished shops, banners for weddings and broachers for ads; we are also the part of flex board frames according to the size of the banners, flex frame fitting servicevehicle display service, flex lamination service, and flex board installation service.


The cost of the glow board differs according to the material and the size of the board. Sometimes it also differs from the shape. Cost also differs from the area because some materials are cheaper in some places, so it differs according to the area.

We also deal with wholesale dealers in any part of the area in localities as well as different areas in the cities. We also deal with the malls, the cost in the cities are sometimes high when compared to the manufacturing spot.


  • Glow board with tube lights.
  • Front face glow boards.
  • 3D LED acrylic wallboards.
  • 3D LED acrylic on the ACP box.
  • 3D LED acrylic with aluminum casting on walls.
  • Stencil cut LED logo in ACP/solid letters.
  • Back glow /halo lighting.
  • 3D LED acrylic letter with silver/golden SS casting.


Needs are more and the people get attracted by banners and glow boards. All the products are provided to the customer after tested on various quality parameters. We always make the head of the competitors because

  • Prompt delivery
  • Superior quality
  • Best in quality
  • Wide in a distribution network
  • Ethical business practices
  • High-quality range