Digital Sign Board

Digital Sign Boards in Coimbatore

Maha sign comes across different signages that always depict the signs of directions, retail marketers, malls, hospitals and also like do’s and don’ts, etc… Maha sign is one of the top sign board manufacturers in Coimbatore where we understand the exact mindset of our customer and clients, we work according to deliver the optimized the work in a proper manner.

Maha sign keeps on monitoring the current trends and designs and also the updates in the market with a constrained angle to manipulate for the purpose of the best dealers and makers in the entire city of Coimbatore. We always stand as a unique creature for the purpose of clarity and quality.


Digital sign boards include mainly on LCD & LED. Rapid dropping prices are in LCD screens where it is the growth of increasing the number of digital sign installations. An arrangement of such displays is exactly said to be a video wall. The digitalization process is done by us in an enormous field. So we become more responsible for the customers and clients. The way we think wider and creative to attract people in our own style.


In Coimbatore, nearly 200 different sectors use the market digital signage solutions. Maha sign works shine in the field like

  • Restaurant- Display of menus
  • Shopping malls-Maps & Emergency indications
  • Campaigns-Exhibitions
  • Hospitality-Locations and indications
  • Cinema Theatre-Advertisement
  • Transport- Finding routes
  • Education- Digitized notice boards/smart boards.


LED sign boards cost nearly Rs. 200 per inch. Boards made up of acrylic cost Rs.900 per square feet. For Aluminum LED boards it charges for Rs.3, 800. For metal pylon boards it charges for Rs.4, 500. The above mentioned are the beginnings and approximately. The cost may differ by the size of the boards and the material used.


  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Technical education training board
  • Touch digital smartboard
  • Electromagnetic pen smartboard
  • Interactive digital signage board
  • LCD interactive touch display