3D Sign Board

3D Sign Boards in Coimbatore

3D Sign Boards in Coimbatore

3D board is a process that builds from a CAD model where Maha sign adds material as layer by layer and that process is all by only skilled designers in our sector and this process is entirely called additive manufacturing. Along with this process casting and forging processes is done.

Maha sign employees work hard for the best quality for the preferences of the customers and clients by molding, shaping and compressing according to the needs and models. These models cover a wide variety in which the material joints and modified under computer control as well as the manufacturing process.

We usually use these types of model extrusion technique and we call this process as “fused deposition modeling”. Compared to designing 3D models manufacturing process is much easier.


Maha sign makes exciting panels on the wall for interior wall decors. This is one of the innovative processes where we used to think behind the world to create something new for the change of the society. We have also introduced cutting edge technology which is environmentally friendly recycled plant fiber and which is called as greener product. By this process feature walls no longer need to be restricted to a mere splash of color or a patterned wallpaper.

The need for 3D walls much higher in both residential as well in commercial. Each model and design carriers different reasons and usage. Some people use this only for an attractive purpose but some people use prevents an additional layer on the wall. This makes the wall with high durability. Moreover, these walls are also used for the stall fitting. For exhibitions, remodeling of malls and shops in the commercial sectors.


Bladet- alternating blades for a contemporary look.

Karlstad- creating waves to create stunning waves and circle features.

Meldal- star-like shape for external outlook

Malm- free-flowing lines for captivating design.

Rubik- it creates an ultra-modern finish


  • Better decision making: 3D print a range of concept and select the best options during the early design stages.
  • Check shape & form: As a basic model makes it easy to assess the shaping, size and overall proportions.
  • Functional prototyping: Test your prototype in real conditions to check functionality, fit and manufacturability.
  • Check appearance: Visual appearance can be appraised easily by designers, manufacturers and stakeholders.

“ 3D models is for one who do it, not for the don’ts”