We do all types of signage boards; these are required more in indoor activies. When such boards are placed in indoor, people gets attracted and it cost little higher when compared to other signages usages.


  • Maha sign employees work hard for the best quality for the preferences of the customers and clients by molding, shaping and compressing according to the needs and models. These models covers a wide variety in which the material joints and modified under computer control as well the manufacturing process.
  • We are capable of offering our esteemed clients a wide array of ACP Backlit Signage with Clear Acrylic Letters. This product is preferred widely for its various attractive attributes and is manufactured from quality grade materials that are in accordance to set industrial specification.


  • Durability is what makes the Acrylic sign board the best option in signage today. Maha sign proofs that the acrylic boards are waterproof as well weatherproof, high quality and has a classy look after the completion.Maha sign makes the acrylic sign boards as the manufactures in the variations of transparent, opaque and router-cut. We make the acrylic materials allow light to permeate and hence used innovatively in signage for light effects like smudge, smooth and a clear view.
  • Maha sign come across different signages which always depicts the signs of directions, retail marketers, malls, hospitals and also like do’s and don’ts etc… Maha sign is one of the top sign board manufacturers in Coimbatore where we understand the exact mindset of our customer and clients, we work according to deliver the optimized the work in a proper manner.


  • The laminated sheets are composites that combine together with the laminate with resins. We use paper as well as cardboard sheets for this laminating process. The combination of these materials combined together is the formation of laminate. Vinyl material is eco friendly, so it has the lifetime of 3 to 5 years in sunlight. It is possible on single side and double side printing. It is used in both indoor and outdoor. Full color and UV inks are used for printing.
  • Already a part of displaying advertisement boards for well furnished shops, banners for weddings and broachers for ads; we are also the part of flex board frames according to the size of the banners, flex frame fitting service, flex lamination serviceand flex board installation service. The advanced level of flex banner is star flex banners are also done by us.


  • Foam poster board printing is mostly used as an affordable way to print high glass vibrant pictures like family portraits. Foam board and foam core are the same, printing and display board made from a form core between two sheets of paper. These high quality boards are best suited for business or scholastic presentations, lectures, and trade shows. Businesses often create custom foam board signs for special events, or to advertise sales to their customers. we focus on indoor signage in Coimbatore
  • Needs are more and the people gets attracted by banners and glow boards. All the products are provided to the customer after tested on various quality parameters. We always make the head of the competitors because
  • Prompt delivery
  • Superior quality
  • Best in quality
  • Wide in distribution network
  • Ethical business practices
  • High quality range
  • The reason why we use neon in sign board is, they are luminous. It makes a difference in visibility. It is highly night time functionality. Cost is low and it is one of the energy efficient to run. Long life span and durability is high. So Maha sign holds much importance to neon sign boards. People also prefer neon boards for such specific reasons. It works with low voltage and it is an eco-friendly. By using this light 70% of the electricity is saved. Indoor signage in Coimbatore is also done by us in best manner.


  • This advertising is done for the process of efficient media. This method will also reach the people easily. We are one of the top leading advertising in vehicles provider in the entire domain in Coimbatore. This unified area is covered by or skilled and talented team of professionals, who are well experienced in this field.


  • Event sign boards
  • Expo boards
  • Custom banners
  • Information boards
  • Inshop Signages
  • Mall Advertising
  • Safety signs
  • Super market pop
  • Trade show display
  • Wall graphics
  • Way finding signs