Flex Board Frame

Flex Board Frame

We the family of “Mahasign” working for the process of manufacturer and suppliers of finest quality and different collection, we are also top leading service provider of flex board frames. We always focus on the quality of the products we do. Beside each and every work we do we have a untold story of maintaining high quality of products. We satisfy our customers and clients on the way of work we do.


Using of only banners will have less lifetime, banners are less weight so it cannot withstand at a position. There may be a chance of sudden damage to the banner. While using the board frame, it gives a support to the banner to with stand for long duration along with stiffness. It is easy to handle. We do a furnished work of flex board with frame.


Already a part of displaying advertisement boards for well furnished shops, banners for weddings and broachers for ads; we are also the part of flex board frames according to the size of the banners. The cost of the frame differs according to the material and the size of the board. Flex board frame rate differs according the material.

We also deal with wholesale dealers in many part of the area in localities as well different areas in the cities. We also deals with the malls, cost in the cities are sometimes high when compared to the manufacturing spot.


Needs are more and the people gets attracted by flex boards. All the products are provided to the customer after tested on various quality parameters.  Flex metal frames are also easy for us to manufacture and delivery on the required timing. We do different materials for the frame work, wooden frame for flex, metal internal flex frames. Flex board with iron frames are stronger and high durability. For less weight we manufacture stainless steel flex frames. We always make the head of the competitors because

  • Prompt delivery
  • Superior quality
  • Best in quality
  • Wide in distribution network
  • Ethical business practices
  • High quality range


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  • Signage frames
  • LED Slim Glow Sign Frame
  • Plastic Sign Frame
  • Open Top Sign Frame